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Employment Opportunities
Human Resources

The mission of the Personnel Department in Barbour County is to hire and retain the most highly qualified and competent employees who represent positive role models for the student population; and who meet the high expectations of the school district. The mission will be accomplished through recruitment, support and retention efforts, including effective orientation, guidance, training and professional growth opportunities.


We are  recruiting teachers.
We are currently accepting applications for certified positions and support staff. To obtain an application please contact the
Human Resources Department or click documents under the Human Resources Tab.

Phone: 775-3533 Fax: 334-775-7301 Email: 


To apply online:




All persons with applications presently on file must request their application be considered for the position posted (letter of interest must be submitted). For any applicant to be considered, he/she must be certified for the position advertised.





GEAR UP Site Facilitator - (Part-time, at least 20 hours per week)


Job Description

Directs the administrative and fiscal affairs of a large complex department/division or multiple departments.  Represents and speaks on the behalf of GUA on the local, school level.  Responsible for making sure all GEAR UP required activities take place in assigned school(s).  Responsible for planning and implementing student, teacher, and parent development workshops. Coaches and develops faculty at assigned school(s) (e.g., lead teacher, teachers, counselors).  Establish collaborations with community-based organizations and assigned school(s).  Responsible for helping to collect school and or district data needed to complete GUA reports. Responsible for creating and submitting scheduled reports (e.g., student, teacher, and community activities). Responsible for working with designated team leaders to facilitate GUA school team meetings, professional learning communities, and other necessary planning meetings.


Minimum Requirements

Bachelors in a related field. Five (5) years k-12 teaching experience or trainer position in a related field, preferable in both rural and urban settings.


Annual Salary $21,000.00


GUA Team Leader



• Administrator recommended active faculty member

• Works closely with “site facilitator” in identifying and coordinating GUA activities

• Helps “site facilitator” become acclimated with school culture and climate

• Helps facilitate team meetings

• Helps facilitate faculty professional development

• Provides instructional mentoring-training

• Helps with GUA school reports


Stipend and associated benefits to be paid by GUA. Each team leader will receive an I-Pad for data

collection and record keeping. They will be allowed to keep the I-Pad after serving for a minimum of 2 years.


Stipend – $5,000 plus associated benefits per year.



1. Valid Alabama Teacher’s Certificate with Appropriate Endorsement
2. BS Degree in Education
3. Effective Human Relation Skills
4. Professionalism, Dedication and Flexibility
5. Must Meet Highly Qualified Requirements of No Child Left Behind


Closing Date for jobs January 5th, 2015